Hey guys,

So today I have a book review for you and it's for the classic known as 'The Day Of The Triffids' by John Wyndham.

Synopsis: 'Bill Masen, bandages over his wounded eyes, misses the most spectacular meteorite shower England has ever seen. Removing his bandages the next morning, he finds masses of sightless people wandering the city. He soon meets Josella, another lucky person who has retained her sight, and together they leave the city, aware that the safe, familiar world they knew a mere twenty-four hours before is gone forever.'

What I thought: I really loved this book. I could't put it down. I found the whole concept of the book fascinating. To say this book was published in 1951 this book is still relevant and shows a true picture of what could happen if this scenario truly happened. John has a way with words and I had a constant image of my head of what was happening. 

Even though many would complain about the title and how it misleads them into thinking it was all about plants. Which I can see why but I like the title and I like how it wasn't all plant related material in the book. This book is aimed not at how much devastation can one action bring but it's more on how can the population (when many are blind) rebuild a society and why the book challenges certain ethical issues such as should the sighted forever lead the blind so they come to no harm and can eat or do the sighted fend for themselves. 

I really think this is a good classic book for those who want to read classics because it's just so good (in my opinion). I gave this book a 5 out of 5. 

Have you read this book?
Emma x

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