Hey guys,

I have finally gotten back into reading and have found myself picking up some books. These all sound so good and I actually picked up two of these from the charity shop I volunteer at so I got them for so cheap. I love looking in charity shops for books because you come across some great finds.

The Turin Shroud Secret - Sam Christer
'It is the most controversial religious icon in the world.

No one knows where it came from.

No one knows when it was made.

But now, the greatest mystery in religious history holds the key to a present-day serial killer who devises savage, bizarre deaths for his victims.

And only two American cops, following a trail that stretches from California to the Vatican, can expose the secret of the Shroud.'

This is one that I found at my work, I've picked it up about three times before purchase and it sounds so good. I love crime novels and as a plus I think my nan may like this as well so I can give it to her after I've read it as she loves crime novels more than I do.

The Silent Sister - Diane Chamberlain
'Riley MacPherson is returning to her childhood home in North Carolina: a place that holds cherished memories. While clearing out the house she finds a box of old newspaper articles - and a shocking family secret begins to unravel.

Riley has spent her whole life believing that her older sister Lisa died tragically as a teenager. But now she's starting to uncover the truth. Her life has been built on a foundation of lies, told by everyone she loved.

Lisa is alive. Alive and living under a new identity. But why exactly was she on the run all those years ago, and what secrets are being kept now?

As Riley tries to separate reality from fiction, her discoveries call into question everything she thought she knew about her family.'

I have read one or two books from this author and I love them. They can really draw them in and this one sounds so interesting that I had to pick it up.

Insomnia - Stephen King
'You'll lose a lot of sleep.

Ralph does. At first he starts waking up earlier. And earlier. Then the hallucinations start - the colours, shapes and strange auras. Not to mention the bald doctors who always turn up at the scene of a death.

That's when Ralph begins to lose a lot more than sleep. When he begins to understand why his hitherto mild - mannered friend, Ed, is getting out of control - dangerously so. And why his home town its about to become the new Armageddon'

I have really started to love Stephen King books, they are so gripping and really draw you into the story line. This one has really interested me and sounds it would be so great to read.

Have you got any books you need to read?

Emma xx

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