Hey guys,

I am loving nude lips and these two little beauties are my new go to favourites. My friend actually got me these as a birthday present for my 21st which is amazing!. I can't believe that she actually got me both of these shades and i've been alternating between both.

Velvet Teddy
This is a cult favourite for that 90's nude look. Every time I went to purchase this shade it was sold out so I have no idea how she got her hands on one. I love this shade, it really is a perfect nude and I love the finish on this. It is definetly my nudest lipstick I have.

This lipstick is my favourite nude of all time. Hands down. I only actually mentioned this once to her about liking it and she got me it!. She knows me so well. This is such a me nude colour as it's slightly darker nude and I'm just so in love with it. I really can't see myself trying any other nudes for a while.

Do you have any favourite nudes?

Emma xx

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