Hey guys,

I have been loving painting my nails recently. As it is getting to be summer I've been on the hunt for some summery colours and these three from Urban Outfitters have caught my attention.

First up, these have a really cute square packaging, and find them so cute when they are lined all up together. They feel sturdy so they won't break and I just really love the packaging. Secondly, the colours are insane and you only need 1 or even 2 coats for this to be fully opaque which is great in my opinion. The drying time is fairly fast and I don't feel like I have to stay still for about 5 hours for it to dry to still smudge a tiny little bit. (Yes this happens far too often for my liking).

This is a lovely pastel pink colour which I think looks lovely the nails. I think this would be a lovely colour for the summer and reminds me of being on the beach and eating ice cream (for some reason).

This is a gorgeous pastel blue colour which is one of my favourite nail polishes of all time. I love wearing this colour and is perfect for the summery days. When on the nails it's so bright and nice to look at. The nail polish also doesn't chip as quick which is a great thing.

This is my all time favourite nail polish ever! This is amazing and has so many different colours in it that your hands can end up resembling a disco ball!. It is honestly so so so pretty and I would love to wear this nail polish everyday of my life. It makes the holographic hole in my heart very very happy.

I also have my eyes on Arial HolographicLilac WineAcidBubble TeaPeppermint Teal and Pom Pom.

Have you tried any Urban Outfitters Nail Polish?

Emma x

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