Hey guys,

I recently found this in my hands with me at the till paying for it. It's not a shade I normally go for but I found myself drawn to it like a moth to a flame while my mum nagged me from behind going ' you don't need any more lip products' which I grudgingly admit is true.

I am still in two minds with this product with the mind of I love it slightly outweighing the 'I hate it' mind. You can buy this and the other shades here and I already have my eyes on the purple and nude which will suit me slightly more.

I love how fast this dries on the lip and once it is there it takes a good long while to remove. I love the colour, not one that I would normally go for but It's nice to try something new and I find that it isn't too bright for me that it looks ridiculous. I love the packaging as it is sleek (like its name. oh gawd). and it's also really affordable.

The wand is strange to me, its like a doe applicator but flat. I find it picks up too much product so you do have to wipe some off and this means that it gets too messy. It's a very creamy texture and feels really soft on the lips when first applied. What really puts me off is that I find it hard to apply with this applicator which means it streaks a lot and goes everywhere. Unless I am majorly rubbish at applying lip creams then that is my fault but it's not as noticeable it is streaky when it's dried unless you are really up in my face.

Sorry for my slight chapped lips but you can see slight patches of where the lip cream missed and also it is really messily applied. Due to me but also due to the fact this doesn't have a point where you can do a slight precision near the edges. I do really like this colour though and as you can see does dry a slightly more darker then what it looks like in the tube.

Do you think you will be trying these out?

Emma xx

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