Hey guys,

Today I thought I would show you where and how I store my makeup. I love seeing how people store makeup and since I have never really shown my setup I thought it would be nice (sorry the drawers are slightly dirty). So lets get going.

First off, my makeup is stored in two acrylic three drawers from Homebase. They were pretty pricy at around £24 (I think) but they are so sturdy and have lasted me ages!. They are slightly dirty, so sorry about that. I then have a lipstick holder on top which I purchased from TKMaxx for about £14 I think, I then have an acrylic small three drawer from Staples I'm sure which were about £6.00. Then all my lipstick chubby pens and some lip glosses are in a pencil pot from Wilkinsons and then I have two mugs which store all my brushes.

On top of my acrylic drawers, I have my Naked on the run palette, all three Urban Decay Naked palettes and then my most used lipsticks. As you can see all my MAC lipsticks are at the front.

In the first drawer I have all my foundations, powders and concealers.

In the second drawer I have all my blushers, bronzers and highlighters and these include palettes and also my eyebrow products.

In the third draw I have my single eyeshadows, eye creams and eyeshadow pencils. I also have one lone quad hanging around for some reason.

In the fourth drawer I have my eyeshadow palettes which are mainly quads. I really love my custom MAC one or the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff.

In the next drawer I have all my eyeliners (mainly black) and mascaras (all black). I also have tons of samples of eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay and two pencil sharpeners.

In the last drawer which is one I don't really go into is my lip glosses and lipliners drawer. It also has a few lip balms.

Lastly next to my main drawers is home to my brushes. Where the Hello Kitty holds my face brushes and the White Deer one holds my eye brushes and eyelashes curler. In the small three acrylic drawer holds lipsticks I don't really reach for and use. While the pencil pot holds my chubby pencils (in which I have a lot) and some lip glosses and liquid lipsticks.

Hope you enjoyed.

Emma x

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