Hey guys,

So during the Easter holidays when the majority of us had left the university house we shared, my housemate saw a kitten perched on the wall in the back garden and crying. He left the kitten thinking he would leave but he sat there all day and night, crying. So he let him in and since then me and my housemate have been looking after this kitten and I am in love.

I am trying my hardest to not get too attached due to the fact I could not keep him due to various reasons. We did have him checked to see if he is microchipped and he doesn't have one. He did come along with a collar but there is no information, we have him on the missing list but we don't think any one will claim him. We even have posted about him on Facebook and no luck so far.

All in all, I have become the owner of a kitten. A little boy called Wolverine (the name was picked by my housemate). He was being looked after more by my housemate however he has moved further down the street and can't take him. So at the moment, he's keeping me company and we sit side by side on the sofa. Him asleep and me doing dissertation work. To be honest we aren't exactly allowed to have pets in this house but we don't want to kick him out. Hopefully we know someone who can take him soon.

He is adorable!. He is so affectionate and loves nothing more than to be curled up on the couch sleeping or on next doors garage roof catching some rays. He loves to be tickled under the chin or getting scratched near his ears. He never scratches you or bites you and has his little mad dashes where he runs around. He is also so soft and his little paws just make me melt. He also loves to be held and cuddled and constantly meows when wanting to be let out.

We recently found a new home for him and I hope he is happy and content with where he is. However this is a small bit of me that wishes he would come back so we can have a bit of a cuddle and play together. 

Emma x

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