Hey guys,

While in London I knew I had to visit the newly opened Lush shop in Oxford street. 3 beautiful levels that sold products that were only available in that store. I dragged my mum in with me and picked up some beautiful products that I wouldn't be able to purchase in another shop. The staff were wonderful and super helpful and I wish I could go back.

First up is this little bottle. I love the comforter bubble bar and when I saw this in shower cream form, I freaked. I love the smell and I need this to be stocked in every Lush shop pronto. This was fairly expensive, hence the smaller bottle. If I could I would have got the massive one. Honestly it was so big it was awesome!.

Next up is this Ginger Bath Oil which I purchased for my mum. I'm not entirely sure how it works but I think you just plop it into the bath and it melts away and makes you feel super smooth. This was only £2.00 and there was loads to choose from. I was tempted to purchase the Apple one because it smelt amazing. This ginger oil spelt so spicy and clean if that makes sense.

I think out of them all this is my favourite. This is called 'Intergalactic' and is actually inspired by the movie Guardians of the galaxies which I think is awesome. This beautiful bath bomb was being demonstrated while I was there and the colours were beautiful. It has peppermint and popping candy which are two of my favourite things. I'm pretty sure when this is in the bath, two little bath bombs pop up like planets. Which is insanely cool. I feel like I should have bought multiple of these.

This little yellow with spots is called 'Lava Lamp'. An obviously inspired by the 60's. This smells like wonderful oranges and smells so refreshing and sweet. I love the look of this one and am excited to see how this will look when let loose in water.

I was so excited when I saw this cute bubble bar. This is called 'little dragon' and has notes of cinnamon and ginger which makes it smell spicy which I have started to notice is a smell I love. Look how cute this is with it's little tail and head and then a paper body. I can't wait to try this one out either.

I think you can actually buy this little guy in some other lush shops but I'm not entirely sure. This little pink flamingo smells exactly like summer and fruits. It makes me crave hot summer days with fruit and cocktails. Also look how cute he is! the detail in this bubble bar is great.

Next up is my second favourite and is called the sacred lotus. Look how beautiful this bath bomb is, looks exactly like a little flower. It is easy to break but oh well. This has a jasmine fragrance which is so calming and would be a great bath bomb to de-stress with. 

All in all I am in LOVE with the new Lush shop in London and all the new and exciting products that can't be bought in any other shop yet. I'm really hoping that most of these products become available in other stores because I need more in my life.

Which one would you like to try?
Emma x

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