Hey guys,
Today I thought I would show you the top health apps that I have been enjoying and also which I have found to help motivate me to stay healthy and do exercise. As far as I am aware all these are free on the App store. So lets get on.

My mum actually showed me this. It's an app where you do a certain amount of exercise on apps such as 'Map My Run' and 'Moves' and this in turn gives you points. From these points you can go to the bounts shop and find vouchers. These range from house of Fraser, B&Q, WhSmith, restaurants and others. This I find is a great motivator for doing exercise. The satisfaction of buying a new piece of makeup by using these vouchers which were earned by getting healthy is a really rewarding feeling. However I do feel like you may have to pay for this? Im not sure but I knew it had a re-haul of the site and they have made it better.

Map My Run
I don't use this as much as I should do. I don't use it to actually map my run but I use it for walking. You can change the activity to whatever (treadmill, walking, running etc.). I also use this app for bounts as have I already stated that you can earn vouchers by using certain apps. I don't really use this unless I'm walking the dog because it's more leisurely. However I think I am going to try and take active walks around the park near me so I can use it then.

This is a new app to me and have recently decided to invest in a food tracker. I like this one, you sign up and then you can track your food intake, exercise and how much water you drink. It shows you how much of a food group you are eating, how many calories have been burned, how much you've had and also how much you have left. It give you the option of planning meal times so that when it gets closer to that time it will notify you that its time for a meal. Im finding this helpful on helping me cut down on food.

Moves is simple. It's an app that tracks how much you walk. I love this app purely because it counts the steps without the app even being active. It also has the option of seeing your steps throughout the week and months which is great if you are trying to actively up your steps. This app also counts your cycle minutes if you like to bike ride. I don't look at this a lot but when I do its surprising how many steps I take when at university.

What are some of your favourite health apps?

Emma x

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