I have been loving so much music recently. They all range in genres and I just can't stop listening and also singing them as loud as I can with dramatic gestures. When you go out, you go all out with music. 

Novocaine - Fall Out Boy
Honestly one of my favourite songs from the album, it's just so upbeat and fun to dance along to. The chorus is so damn catchy that I find myself nearly singing along in the street.It instantly perks me up and you really need to listen to it. Even if you aren't a massive Fall Out Boy fan. Seriously. Do it. Now.

Running If You Call My Name - Haim
It actually took me a while to like this song as much as I do now. I was on the fence but I find myself playing it a fair bit now. They have such a soothing voice that can make me feel relaxed. I found myself playing this a lot when doing university work as it helped me concentrate. 

I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepson
This is a slight guilty pleasure song that my friend made me listen to but oh my gosh it's so catchy and upbeat that I find myself wanting to dance and sing along. Also the video is so fun to watch! Seriously watch it. I'll link you here. It has Tom Hanks in it. Yep. Need I say more.

Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots
My playlist would not be complete without at least one Twenty One Pilots song would it. Honestly my favourite band. This song is from the new album 'Blurryface'. Honestly I would recommend them to anyone. I literally also have a playlist just full of all their songs on Spotify. This song is catchy and I love to dance to this and sing along. Plus the singer is attractive okay!.

Not Your Fault - AWOLNATION
I don't even know where I found this song on spotify but I love it! It has catchy lyrics and it also means I can do some serious over exaggerated dance moves to this. This song just makes me want to go out and drink and dance. The chorus is my fave and find myself nearly shouting them out loud oops. 

Houdini - Foster The People
Not a song I would usually listen to, however I love it and has kicked Pumped Out Kicks to the kerb. Sorry. This is quite a chilled song that I play a lot when doing university work or just trying to relax. Another song that kind of makes me want to go out at night and dance. Yep.

Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
Another song that took me a while to like. Also another song that I can't remember where I heard of it first. It did however make my playlist and it's pretty cool. It's quite techno and indie. Reminds me slightly of 'Catfish and the Bottlemen' which I like. The beat is fun to listen to and again the chorus is my favourite.

Fat Lip - Sum 41
I hadn't listened to this song in forever. I really instantly got transported back to high school when I used to listen to it all the time. I still remember all the lyrics. It's honestly so catchy and fun to sing along too. It also rekindled my love for the song 'In too deep'. Ahh memories.

It's Complicated - A Day To Remember 
Another song that takes me back a bit is this one. Again another I remember all the lyrics too. It also makes me emotional. Cue over dramatic gestures and pretending i'm in a rock band. I am not ashamed. I started listening to this again due to it fitted perfectly with current situations regarding some people and stuff. Yet it makes me feel so much better about the situation that it cheers me up. woo. 

Have you heard any of these songs?

Emma x

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