Hey guys,

So on Friday the 10th of May, me and my mum travelled from my hometown to the beautiful city of London for the weekend. This is because it was my 21st birthday on the 9th May and as present my mum booked us to go to London and watch both Wicked and Les Mis!. I nearly cried around 4 times just because I was so happy. I decided to take my new camera that was a gift from my dad to photograph the occasion. In the end, I mainly just took photos of the beautiful buildings. I love old and fancy buildings (i get it from my mum).

So on the Friday, we got into London at about 3pm and got a taxi to the hotel. It was a fairly nice hotel, very big and sometimes the food service was all over but the bed was so comfortable. On friday we just had some dinner at the hotel and then got ready to go and see Wicked!. It was AMAZING! I honestly loved it so much, I never expected it to be as funny as it was. I would happily see the show every night.

It was on Saturday which was the main day of shopping and exploring. It was also the main day where I seemed to love buildings. I was in awe of them truthfully. Along with the shops. This next section will be slightly photo heavy. Hope you don't mind.

The first stop was to have breakfast and we found this little cafe/restaurant just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. The place was called Carluccios and the food was delicious. I had the 'Eggs Royale' which consisted of two poached eggs on top of smoked salmon which was on top of a slice of italian bread and covered in hollandaise sauce. I also had a peppermint tea, which has become my obsession recently.

This lovely breakfast set me up for a day of walking since it was quite a nice day apart from a little bit of wind. We decided to walk to where all the shops were and I'm so glad we did.

Honestly, the buildings near my hotel were beautiful and admire how much detail goes into one little section of a building.

How pretty is this little garden near Soho. I loved the little hut and all the beautiful colourful flowers. Such a nice little getaway near the hustle and bustle of the shops.

I got lot's of goodies as well in London, but I am going to do a haul of it in a mother post. A weekend is not enough and I now have withdrawal symptoms. Someone take me back. I have also included some photos I had taken on my iPhone, mainly the best and I mean the best kitchenware sets I have seen  from Liberty's.

I just really need to go back. I had an amazing time and was so glad I could turn 21 with my mother at my side.

Emma xx

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