Hey guys,

So I recently went to a gig to see 'Catfish and the Bottlemen' and decided that It was the perfect time to show you necessities that I take with me when attending gigs or even going on a night out.  I try to take a small to medium sized bag to gigs as it's always crowded and don't want it to be in the way. Also a lot of small bags I seem to buy can hold a lot of stuff in it, which amazes people. Catfish and the bottlemen were AMAZING! they were honestly so good and kept the crowd so entertained even if they didn't stay on for long (1 album problems). 

Card Holder/ Coin Purse
I found this little beauty in accessorize and with me having a love for holographic decided that I needed it in my life. I have actually been on the hunt for something like this as it's the perfect thing to use on a night out or like me going to a concert as it's the perfect size to take a few cards (I.D and Bank Card) and then also you can fold some notes and carry some change. I would also take this on holiday if I wanted to have a smaller bag when exploring. 

Phone & Portable Charger
This doesn't really need explaining really does it. A portable charger is a must at a concert just because you don't want it to be dead after the concert as you never know what could happen. Last time I was at a gig the train had been cancelled and there was no buses running and I had to resort to asking my mum for a lift. My phone dies so quickly that I don't have a choice to not take one. This one is actually my mums as mine broke recently and she is a good egg as she keeps a USB cable for the iPhone with it at all times so you will never forget.

Deodorant/ Body Spray
Well if anyone has ever been to a gig you know it can become a sweaty mess and afterwards when the cold air hits you as you leave the doorway its amazing!. However I don't want to smell on the train home and things so I will always carry a spray with me.

Another staple otherwise I would be locked out the house!. Not good. 

I don't like to take a lot with me if I'm off out for a night, however I usually will always have with me a powder and brush and then the lipstick I was wearing. I was actually off out for the whole day and night so these were used a few times. My bag was really small so it's a struggle taking loads like I normally would. 

Monthly things
Because you just never know when the time of the month can hit. Well I can't anyway so I always like to be prepared just in case. You can never be too careful.

I just can't go anywhere without this little beauty. It's like my best friend. My hair can get way too knotty without me even moving so this is a staple and especially after dancing around and my hair needs some TLC. 

What would you take to a gig?

Emma xx

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