Hey guys,

Today I thought I would show you this quick and easy char-grilled chicken salad that is perfect for a healthy meal especially in the summer weather. It would also be great for BBQ's or to take on a picnic. 

First up is the chicken. I took 6 small chicken fillets and seasoned with salt and pepper and also Italian herbs. You could season the chicken any way you like but I have found that Italian herbs make it seem slightly more summery and fresh in my opinion. I then placed these on a grill pan and cooked for 3-5 minutes each side and then checked them. If they needed more time then I would place them back on. I wanted the chicken to be nice and juicy so tried to not overcook by checking them continually. 

While the chicken was cooking I decided to cut all the other things I needed. I first roughly chopped half an onion, then cut up one tomato into small pieces that were roughly the same size as the onion before cutting up a chunk of cucumber in the same way. I placed all these in a bowl and mixed together.

In another bowl which will be the main serving bowl, I carefully placed lettuce leaves into the bowl so it looked more like a lettuce bowl. I then placed all the chopped up ingredients in the middle. With the chicken cooked I then chopped them roughly in half and placed it all on top.

I decided to not put any dressing on as the chicken juices, the herbs and the tomato and onion provided plenty of flavour for it not to be dry. If you didn't want chicken then I think fresh salmon would be a perfect substitute which would make it even more fresh for summer.

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