Hey guys,

I never really talk about music on this blog but it's something that I love so much. If I could sing then I think I would have been doing that as a career instead of Forensic Science. However my singing abilities are not great, at all. I like to sing in the shower a lot. So today I decided to show you some songs that I just can't stop listening to lately.

As you can see, Twenty One Pilots are currently one of my favourite bands right now. I love them so much and can't help but sing along whenever they pop up. I think Migrane is my all time favourite from them and before it used to be Fake you out. Which is also amazing!. 

I love Jamie T, and this song is up there as my favourite. Its just great to dance along too and sing at the top of your lungs. I was dead excited when this came on at mixtape (a club in Middlesborough).

Fall out boy have always been a love of mine and this song from the new album was one that at first I wasn't that keen on. However it's slowly creeped up and now I listen to it at least twice or more times a day. This is another song that I love to sing out loud especially when I'm in the shower. 

I went to see Catfish and the Bottlemen and this became my all time favourite song by them. It's even replaced Kathleen. it's not a happy song but I do find that it puts me in a good mood. To be fair the whole album makes me happy and one that is great for summer days.

Lastly is Of Monster and Men with the song little talks. One i've recently discovered. I don't really know any other songs from them but this one is just something. I love the man and woman duet they just compliment each other perfectly. 

Writing about these songs makes me want to play them all now! which is something I may go and do.

What are some of your favourite songs right now?

Emma x

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