Hey guys,

I thought it would be a nice thing to see an overview of what March was like for me through photos. I think I may make this a monthly thing. 

1. Walk around Stewart Park. It is so beautiful and you could spend a whole day wondering around. 

2. My blog got a makeover which I am loving! It has made me so much more motivated for blogging.

3. Tea to get me through the stress of three deadlines in one week. 

4. Trying to bake marble cakes. This is the only one that succeeded. I fail at baking so much. 

5. Poster Presentation day! Was so much fun, I had people ask about my project and we all got to dress smart.

6. Flowers are my favourite!

7. Mothers Day! I love the card I got for my mum.

8. New Bling phone case, that is really secure on my phone that it took my friend to take it off with a pen lid and a credit card.

9. My doggie was off to the groomers for a tidy up.

10. Give me all the TopShop brogues. No seriously. Please.

11. New Disney phone case is mega cute and talked about here.

12. Homemade Sweet Potatoe fries have become a staple in my life and a recipe I posted can be found here.

13. Finally felt confident in myself to wear a dress out without being drunk. Yay me.

I hope you all had a lovely March and April is kind to you.
Emma xx

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