I have had one of my ears stretched to 6mm for over a year or maybe two years now. And since then I have only had one ear plug which was Adventure time. I find that plugs can be fairly expensive or all the nice ones are for a bigger size which sucks. However when I saw that the Body Jewellery Shop had a ton of cute earpiercing  for a relatively cheap price I was far too excited. 

First up I decided that having a plain plug would be a good purchase and this is the UV Flesh Tunnel in Blue which I really like. This plug ranges from a size 3.2mm to a 20mm and I can't wait to wear this on a night out to see if glow under the ultra violet light. This is a lightweight plug which screws off for easy applying which is something I love and they are only £2.95! An amazing price for something which is super good quality and for a plug which I feel won't fall out my ear. 

Next I decided to get a 'bling' one just to add a bit of something to my ear. I decided to choose the Darkside Black Acrylic Jewelled Flesh Tunnel and has pretty little crystals that shine multi colours. This plug ranges from a 3mm to a 12mm. Again this is a lightweight plug that screws off which makes it easier to put in. This little plug costs £3.95 which again is an amazing price. 
I am going to have purchase more jewellery from this website as they have a range of piercings including daith, septum, tragus and eyebrow etc. They also do gifts, fancy dress, fashion and nail polish, so something for everyone really!. They also ship worldwide with free shipping on orders over £10. 

Do you see anything you fancy on this site?


*This was a sponsored post however all opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 

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