Hey guys, 

So after showing you some of the things on my beauty wish-list I decided to show you what I would love to get gift wise. Or you know, a cheeky purchase from myself with birthday money. So lets get going.

First up is the adorable Baby Bunny Night Light, I have seen these everywhere and I can't help give out a little 'ooh it's so cute' every time. I've also seen these in Primark and would love a little collection. Next up is another novelty thing that I have been close to buying and that is the Floating Pug Bath Plug, because why not have a bath with a pug near your feet. It's so tacky that I find it cute. So recently I have decided that my room is boring me and I am slowly decorating it a yellow and grey theme, I think that the yellow Dotted Tumbler and the Dip Dye Mug would be perfect for storing my makeup brushes in as well as keeping with the theme in the room. Lastly, the Acid Yellow Nail Polish just looks amazing and I just want all my nails this colour, right now!.

Last four products are mainly food/drink related. Ever since I've seen hip flasks on the Urban Outfitters website I have been wanting one so bad. I love this Happy Jackson one because it is the truth, at least in my mind. I've wrote a post here, so when I saw a Mug Cake Book dedicated to different recipes that only take 5 minutes, I knew I wanted it. I love key rings and when I was younger I actually used to collect them. I've been wanting a new one and this Happy Jackson Yay I'm Home, is far too cute and accurate. Lastly is this Nutella Recipe Book, I love Nutella and usually just eat it with a spoon also it's actually shaped like a jar!. 

Emma xx

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