Hi guys,

Today I thought I would share with you a few things I do when I'm sad to cheer me up. I don't find anything wrong with having a good cry but most of the time I like to try and pick myself up and do things that are comforting and make myself feel good again.

My mood goes up instantly when I put on my favourite movie. I cheer up even more when it's a musical as you can't help but sing along to the songs and have a little boogie even if you are tucked up in bed. My current obsession is the movie 'Les Miserables". I am not afraid to admit that I know all the songs. I also love to stick on cheesy Rom Com films or comedies that you can't not laugh at. Here is a post on movies I love when I am sick to give you inspiration.

Chocolate (sweets)
Chocolate is a must when you are sad. I don't even feel guilty when I eat the stuff when I just want to sit and bawl my eyes out. Just grab your favourite chocolate (or sweets if that's what you dig) and scoff away, while watching movies. Its a right of way and in the book of life!. (Cross my heart, it really is). 

Paint them nails!
Seriously, even if you don't have nails such as mine are bitten to death. Just paint them, a bright colour will instantly make you upbeat and also the process is fairly relaxing if you don't care about messy nails. Not so good if you want perfect nails and then they smudge when you think they are dry.

So in general, the Internet can be good and bad. When I'm upset I love to put on music and dance along. It makes me happy to just let go and throw some wild moves. You could also just binge watch TV shows or even movies on Netflix, heck you could even read your favourite blogs and watch your favourite you-tubers. I sometimes even go on tumblr and reblog pictures that reflect my sadness, I've found this actually really helps me. 

Pamper yourself
Have yourself a lush bath and fill it with bubbles. Light some candles and listen to music. baths are really relaxing and you can just let your thoughts escape your head. Put on a face mask and indulge your body in a pamper session. You will end up feeling so good about yourself that you will just feel great. 

What are some of your favourite things to do to combat the blues?

Emma x

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