Hey guys,

It's the easter holidays, which means that I am back home for about three weeks. You know what this means? I can finally use bath bombs and bubble bars. First of all, I do actually have a bath at my uni house, however I just can't seem to find myself ever wanting a  bath there, maybe because the lock isn't the best and two lads use that bathroom daily.

So what did I purchase?

Since the end of February I have been craving a bath with lush products. I've been that stressed a nice hot bath with a bath bomb or a bubble bar has been screaming my name ever since. Now it can finally happen. I went into town with my mum recently and decided to treat myself to a couple of bits.

First up is the 'D'Fluff strawberry shaving soap'. I have heard great things about this product and decided I wanted to try it out. The smell is divine and I love the texture of this soap. It goes on the skin so smoothly and I can't wait to try this out on my legs. I decided to pick up the smaller pot first just to test it out. This contains strawberries, cocoa butter, coconut oil and golden syrup which, means that my legs will be super duper soft and smooth.

I decided to pick up the 'The comforter' that I have seen people rave about. First of all, the smell is divine, I could smell this all day everyday. I can't wait to crumble this under the water and just relax. 

Next is the 'Creamy Candy' which offers a blend of almond and cocoa butter which means that I will be smooth and soft. This also smells amazing and sweet and just makes me want to have a bath straight away. Also the little flower on top is super cute. 

Lastly I purchased this little charity pot which is a hand and body lotion. This cost £1 and it goes straight to charity which I think is so cute. The smell is lovely and you get a fair amount of the product.

What is your favourite Lush Product?

Emma xx

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