Hey guys,

I don't know about you but I have found myself neglecting products I claimed would love and use forever. So today I decided that enough was enough and that I should revisit some old favourites and also products I really forgot I had. Naughty me. 

First up is the 'Seventeen - Phwoarr Paint'. I loved it so much when I first purchased this little gem that I have actually almost used it all up. This concealer is really creamy and is labelled as a under eye concealer. However I found that this is suited more on me for my blemishes. It just hides them and lasts a long time. I think I might repurchase this when it's gone.

Next up is the 'Bourjois - Java Rice Powder. This little powder made my skin look so smooth and radiant. The smell might not be for some but I actually love it so much, it's so fresh. It has a slight shimmer in the powder but it's not noticeable like you dipped your face in glitter.

I'm pretty sure that this was my first high end blush and is the 'Bobbi Brown - Slopes (17). I used to use this constantly and there still isn't a dip. Its a perfect natural flush tone blush that blends wonderfully while also able to be built up for a more noticeable colour.

This was my first ever dark lipstick. It's from 'Topshop - Wicked'. Firstly the packaging is really pretty and minimal. The shade I would describe as a deep plum colour with a pink/red undertone. It's quite a smooth application and is creamy so it won't dry out the lips. This is a perfect autumn shade but I think I would still wear it in the spring and summer.

What are some products you forgot you had?

Emma x

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