Hey Guys,

I recently picked up a few items and decided to show you and also tell you what I think of each one.

I have heard great things about the W7 products and decided that because I need a new foundation that I would try out the W7 HD Foundation. I actually really like this foundation, it's not too thick but has really nice coverage and for £3-ish you can't really go wrong. This shade seems to be a pretty good match and leaves my face looking nice. I still prefer my lovely Bourjois foundation though.

I have also heard great reviews on the W7 Cream Bronzer and decided to pick it up as this was also only about £3. I'm not a fond of cream products as a whole just because I'm scared that I won't blend it correctly and will look stupid. I've used this once so far and so far so good. Its a nice shade and doesn't give me orange lines which is great. I'll just have to try this out a bit more.

Next is this O.P.I nail polish which my mum found for cheap. It's honestly rubbish. It must be so out of date or something because its watery and doesn't do anything but drip off the nail. Its such a shame because it looks like the perfect light grey that I was after. Such a shame.

Last up is this YSL Lipstick. OH MY GOSH. My mum did good. She loves to treat me and I wasn't expecting this. I love it. I love the packaging, the colour, the finish. GAAHH. Its a lovely my lips but better shade and is semi matte so it stays on all day but still moisturises my lips. I think I'm in love.

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