So I decided to share with you a super simple sweet potato fries recipe which doesn't take long to prep or cook and makes the perfect fries all the time. I love these and in my opinion are way way way better then normal chips and are a great way to spruce up any boring dinner. You can have these as a side or even just on their own with some dips. So on with the show.

Step 1. Supplies
You will need:

  • Sweet potato. Either one large one or however many you want. The amount is up to you
  • Sea salt (or even normal salt works if you haven't got the sea salt)
  • Black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • A peeler (if you want)
  • A knife (sharp enough to cut a potato)
  • A cutting/chopping board
  • A baking tray (normal tray, whatever tray, just something to put the fries on)
Step 2. Preheating and Prep
Set the oven to gas mark 8 (or 450 degrees)

You can peel the potato if you would like to but I personally prefer to have them with the skins on. You also have to make sure they are dry so if you would like to wash them then make sure to dry them off very well. This is because you want the oil and salt and pepper to coat the fries and this won't happen if they are damp. If the potato has thin ends then just cut these off and discard.

Step 3. Slice, Slice, Slice.
I personally cut the sweet potato in half before making the 'fry' shape. This is because i just find it easier to cut and manage. Taking one of the halfs you can just cut these into slices and if they are long you can just cut them in half. Do this to all the potato and voila fries. 

Step 4. Coating
Next place all the fries on the baking tray, if you have too many then you could do this in batches just because I've found that having one tray in the oven at a time is a better way to cook them. Back to the tray, sprinkle a good amount of salt and pepper on them (to your taste) before drizzling with olive oil. Next you mix it all together so they are coated evenly.

What I did was have one tray for the coating and then I transferred the coated fries to another baking tray. When they have all been coated and placed on a tray just make sure that they are all spaced evenly and not touching to make sure they all cook and don't go soggy.

Step 5. Bake Bake Bake.
Place the tray in the oven for 15 minutes. Don't open the door as this will ruin them just let them run their course and then take them out after the 15 minutes is done. Flip and shake them around and then place them back in for 10 minutes. If your fries are skinny then maybe change the time to about 10 minutes firstly and then 8 minutes for the second stage. It all depends on how crispy that you leave them in, just make sure that they are cooked all the way through.

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