A few days ago I decided that in order to grow my nails, I should paint them as it may stop me biting them. It's worked in the past and I am determined to stick to it this time. Obviously because I want to paint my nails, it was necessary and compulsory to buy some pretty new nail polishes. I picked up two of these in the sale for £3 each and the other two were the standard £5. I think Topshop nail polish is my favourite. The packaging is super pretty and the shades I have are not sheer and only need one or two coats of polish for it to be amazing. So lets get into it. From left to right.

Profound - This is more of a dirty pink to me. More like a dark lavender in real life. I have it on my nails now and it's so pretty. It looks slightly nude in colour and gives the nail a subtle hint of colour. This has become my favourite colour for my nails.

Rumours & Lies  - This a nice deep red/burgundy colour. It looks like a vampire blood red which would look so nice and I can't wait to wear it with my grey jumper dress to give it a pop of colour.

Varsity - Oh my gosh I love this blue colour. It's such a rich dark blue that would look amazing on the nails. It really does remind me of cheerleaders and high school football teams. (I know pretty weird).

Lead - This reminds me of an oil spill in the bottle. It looks dead pretty. I tried this on my nails and more then likely because I have short nails the whole shots of purple didn't show up great but it's a nice nearly black colour.

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