Tweedy Rib Cardigan - £42 | Half Sleeve Knit - £12.99 | Slouchy Mohair Cardigan - £48 | Navy & Red Check Blanket Wrap - £19.99 | Textured Stripe Slouchy T-shirt - £25 | Black Knitted Christmas Jumper - £30 |  

With winter hitting us at full speed, it's finally time to whip out the comfy winter jumpers to keep us warm and cosy. Now I have to admit, I have not been a massive fan of jumpers until recently due to the fact I just didn't like the feeling of tight sleeves. Weird I know.

However I am now fully embracing them due to a cold house and an even colder month and I do not know where I've been living because I am In love with them. So I decided to show you six knitwear items which look stylish and cute as well as keeping us all warm and cosy.

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