Over the past few years I have really loved to save up and purchase high end brands. I find the quality to be great and they always last me a long time. I've decided to show you my top five favourite products from a range of brands which I use all the time and could not live without. ( well I could, I just don't want to).

First up is the brand Bobbi Brown. I only have two products but oh my gosh they are the best. First up is the wonderful blush in the shade Slopes (17), it is a beautiful light pink which gives such a subtle colour. I love this blush as it gives my cheeks a hint of pink which looks so natural. I've used it loads and it's still only got a tiny dent in it. The next Bobbi Brown product is the Rich Lip Colour lipstick in the shade Rose Blossom (11). This is such a lovely pink nude and on my lips it's a shade above my natural lip colour so it looks so pretty and natural again.

Next is the all loved M.A.C. I could happily purchase anything and everything from this brand and I don't think I'm alone. First up is the most loved paint pot in painterly. I can see why everyone raves about this product, it's amazing and I've been using it everyday since purchase on my eyes as an eye primer. It helps to hide my veins on my eyelids and helps my eyeshadow stay on all day. Such a holy grail product and it's going to last me a long time which is a bonus. Next I have my favourite and only highlighter I use which is M.A.C Soft and Gentle which is amazing!. It's subtle with a hint of glimmer and isn't too full of glitter that it's too bright and stupid on my face. Again this will also last me a long time as I have used it everyday since purchase and it's not even look like it has been used.

Last up is a new high end brand to me which my mum introduced to me and that is Guerlain and I have one product because it is so expensive and that is the Rouge Automatique Lipstick in 163. I have to admit apart from the colour a big factor on this purchase was the snazzy pull down slide which brought the lipstick up. I could play with it for hours. The colour itself is a beautiful pink which actually looks nice on my lips. It's so beautiful.

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