I don't really like taking a lot of makeup around with me just because I don't like carrying the extra luggage and I also don't want anything to break. If I do feel like I have to take some makeup with me for whatever reason I only take the things that I know I would need to top up on.

I take concealer just to hide those blemishes which sometimes pop up and I think this is better than taking a big bulky foundation. I will usually just blend and pat with my finger as I find this is the best method to apply concealer (with clean hands).

I'll of course take my trusty powder which is the Rimmel stay matte. I love this powder and it lasts quite a long time for me, so it's only a slight touch up in my t-zone areas. I'll use my powder brush which is from MUA.

Next up is blusher and I will take whatever I will be using on my cheeks that day. This blush here is one of my favourites and it Peach Melba from natural collection. It gives such a nice subtle shade which just looks really natural. Also for a plus it has no shimmer in it which is my favourite. I just use my blush brush from real techniques to apply.

Lastly I take two lip products. One is my ever faithful Lucas PawPaw ointment which I received from a friend who lives in Australia. It's great for chapped and dried lips among other things such as rashes and burns. I also just take whatever lipstick I am wearing that day. My favourite nude is the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in the shade Preview. I am in love with this colour and find it just accentuates my natural lip colour.

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