I love seeing what people carry around in their bags, it's just the nosey side of me that comes out. So today I decided to show all you lovely lot what is inside mine. Nothing special or amazing but it's so nice to see what people like to carry around. This is all my essentials that I would take anywhere such as shopping, seeing friends and going to university.

So in the first compartment which is just closed by a button and the main compartment with the most space. I try to keep the things I will need the most. So of course I have my purse which is from River Island and I'm pretty sure I purchased it when I was in Cornwall last year. I really need a new one because I'm not fond of it anymore. I also have body spray and deodorant and a pocket mirror which was from Primark. I take my camera just in case, my phone charger and portable charger as you can't be sure what can happen and iPhones have really rubbish battery life. I also have my iPod with earphones so I can listen to my music and this means I won't run down my iPhone battery as quick.

In one zipped compartment I just keep some tablets as I seem to get headaches frequently so it's always good to have some handy just incase. I have tissues which are self explanatory and then in the tiger cosmetics case which was from Next a long time back I have my time of the month things in there.

In the last compartment is more my 'weather' stuff. So I have my sunglasses from River Island which I purchased this year just incase it's sunny. Lastly I have my umbrella which has a pretty bow pattern on and I think came from telco a while back. I have a feeling it's broke from last time I used it in Manchester so I might purchase a new one.

There you have it. The essentials of my bag. I usually have loads more crap and obviously I would have more stationary and things when at University. I hope you enjoyed a nosey into my bag.

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