I purchased my Kindle at the start of second year at university I think. It's the one without a backlight and cost me £60 I think (might have been cheaper). I got this for myself for when I was at University I didn't really take any books with me and thought it would be a great idea. However I do have a tiny amount of buyers regret since I hardly use it. The most I used it is when I went on a trip to Cornwall last year for 2 weeks. Other then that then my books win favour big time. I still use it time from time but I have to admit it mostly sits dying and dead.

I like the concept of the kindle, having all the books there at your fingertips but to me you just can't beat the feeling of a new book smell and feeling the paper in your hands. Also for the price books are I like to really show off what I got and proudly display it and with a kindle that can't happen. I mainly buy free books for this reason if I do download on the kindle and I have to say there are some pretty decent books for free which I've found amongst some not so good ones.

A lot of books which are only recently getting recognised I have found for free last year such as 'If I stay' and 'The memory keepers daughter' which I think is great. However even if I haven't really used my kindle that much I have to say it's not stopped me buying three different cases for it. I love all of these and think they are all super duper cute.

My favourite by far is the Mr Fox one that I purchased from Cornwall. The other two I'm sure i got on Ebay and Amazon for super cheap.

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