Can you believe that this bag is from good old Primark!. The quality is amazing and it's honestly the cutest most practical bag I have come across in a long time from Primark. 

I needed a smaller bag for when I'm just popping places or going shopping and this fits the bill perfectly. It's small but it does however have three spacious compartments. Two have zips and the middle is held together by a button. I love the gold detailing and comes with a long removable strap or two little handles. 

I have a bag like this from Urban Outfitters which is a little bigger however I am really not a fan. When on my shoulders it will tip outwards so the bag gets tangled and gets in everyones way even when I've tried to distribute weight. This one however stays in it's place and I've already moved my things into it. 

Can you believe that this beauty only cost me £8. Yes thats right. I'm just so in love with this beauty and can't wait to use it. 

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