Canon PIXMA MG2450 Printer
I've needed a printer for the longest time and I finally decided to pick one up!. I need to figure the quiet mode but other then that it is great. It was on sale for £30 which I think is a great deal but the only negative is that it doesn't include a USB lead which is kind of an essential part of it. I can finally print off work for university without spending all my change in the library.

Unicorn iPhone 5 Case
My mum treated me to this beautiful unicorn iPhone case. It's from New Look and is only £4.99. I love it, the colours are super pretty and I just love unicorns a lot!.

Impulse - Temptation
My favourite smell at the moment is vanilla for some reason and since I needed a new body spray and this included vanilla I snatched it up.

Bow Scrunchies
I got all of my scrunchies apart from the two polka dot ones from New Look. They have such a pretty collection and get a set of two for £2.99 which I think is great especially if you have an NUS discount for student discount. The bows are detachable which I think is handy and they also have wire in them to keep them sticking up which I think is adorable. The two polka dot ones are from Primark and are super cute. The burgundy one will be great in autumn and winter. These don't have wires in them so they flop which will also look super cute. Also it was only £1.50 for a pack of two.

Hair bands
I needed some of these small plastic hairbands because I've been loving putting my hair half up and half down (also the reason i got scrunchies) and find these are great just to tie the hair. I also like to twist strands on either side and tie them and these little hair ties are perfect. I'm so glad I found them in Primark for £1 as you get a pack of three hundred.

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