Bow scrunchies 
I've been loving wearing these in my hair. It takes a simple hairstyle into looking like you've made a bit more effort and more super cute. I've been wearing my hair half up and down and think one of these scrunchies just give it a special little something. They come in all patterns and styles and can match any outfits.

Lucas Papaw ointment
I received this in a package lots of months back from an Australian friend who I met on instagram. We sent each other small gifts we couldn't get. Not even going to lie at first I didn't know what to do with it. It's actually pretty useful for a number of things such as burns and rashes. However it can also be used on lips and boy oh boy this is a lifesaver. If you have cracked or dry lips then putting this on will save them and make them so soft in just a matter of hours. This has been a godsend.

M.A.C - Coral Bliss
This is my newest addition to my M.A.C collection and purchased it when there was £5 off for national lipstick day. I'm quite pleased with this colour as it was slightly a random buy. I wanted a coral colour and thought this seemed like a good choice. Its a cremesheen finish so it's not as pigmented but still has a great payoff. On my lips it gives such a nice hint of coral as it's quite close to my lip colour. I've been using this pretty much everyday. 

Collection felt tip eyeliner
I have recently got back into wearing eyeliner and remembered why I love the collection felt tip liner. They have a great tip which isn't too big and gives a nice line. It has a nice deep payoff and doesn't flake or fade for a good few hours. It's easy to use and apply and it's pretty cheap. My go to eyeliner.

Rimmel wake me up concealer 
I picked these up to replace the collection concealer since it was always out of stock. In some ways I think this concealer is better for me. It lasts a long time and is a good slightly heavy coverage which i great for my spots and for my under eyes area.  It is slightly expensive but I think it's worth it and will not hesitate to repurchase.

Impulse body spray
I've been loving vanilla fragrance recently and Impulse have some great smells. I've recently found that anything other then impulse has been very alcohol smell based and puts me off but impulse is all lovely smells. 

iPod Touch
I've been using this a lot more recently, mainly to save charge in my phone when meeting friends in town or going on long journeys. I forgot how much I loved having a iPod just for all the music. This is quite a new one and pretty sure purchased it when it had came out. It has wifi and apps so I downloaded spotify. Yay for spotify having an offline function so I can listen to my playlist without having wifi on. 

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