Can you tell my book slump is over. phew.

Paper Towns - John Green

I liked the idea of this book and it was actually funny in some places. There wasn't much character development especially in Quentin and Margo just got on my last nerve, I honestly could have punched here and told her to man up and she is not the most amazing person ever. However it did get me out of the reading slump and I have a review of this book here.

The Universe Versus Alex Woods - Gavin Extence

I thought this book would be funny but it wasn't but it was okay to read. Sometimes I had to skip a few pages because it was full of math and science which kind of bored me to be honest. I found Alex a bit too weird for my liking but he did develop at a nice speed. Without giving away what happens in the book I liked what it was trying to talk about, however i will say it is a controversial subject but it doesn't shove one view into your face, it's biased in some way. 

Stardust - Neil Gaimen

Neil Gaimen has a way with words. He really can tell a beautiful story in an amazing way. At first I didn't understand what was happening but after a while I started to really enjoy it and the ending was wonderful. All the characters which appeared brought something to the story and I think this is why it was so good because Neil can make every character feel like a main important character. 

Remembrance of the Daleks - Ben Aaronvitch

This book was okay but mildly confusing. I was confused over the two different Daleks and who was the 'good' and the 'bad'. I also was confused over who and what the hand of omega was. However it was a good read and I did enjoy it even with some confusion. It was nice to read a Dr Who book since I haven't for quite a while. 

The Lies We Told - Diane Chamberlain

I loved this book. A lot. It totally kept me on edge and I never guessed the twists and turns that were coming up so i was always surprised. The ending was a bit predictable in a way but it was still a nice and lovely ending. I really think people should read this book and I'm glad I picked it up on a whim. It's told in the point of view of two sisters. Maya and Rebecca. I really loved Maya's chapters more because I loved her character and her development throughout the story.

Have a little Faith - Candy Harper

Oh my this was such a great and fun read. If you like 'Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging' then you will really like this. It made me laugh and smile and cringe at the embarrassing parts. I just love how real and life like this book is and reminded me of being back in high school.  Definitely a book to take on holiday for a fun read. I wouldn't even mind a sequel to see what happens next!

The girl in the steel corset - Kady Cross

I have to say for my first ever steampunk book I really enjoyed it and would love to read the series. I got so caught up in all the characters life and the ending made me want more!. I just loved how it was set in 1897 yet there were elements of modern day thrown in, it really makes a good book. It had a lot of action which I loved and with a nice romance story line unravelling but it didn't affect the story at all, it just enhanced it. Now to get my hands on the rest of the series!.

The things we never said - Susan Elliot Wright

I knew from the blurb that this would be a book I enjoyed.  Two different point of views on every chapter, mystery, thrills, drama, romance and a whole load of emotions. This book seemed to have everything for me, I liked all the characters, I liked the storyline and the pace. I liked the mystery and it even had humour!. I loved how this book at the end tied everything together and it had such a nice ending. 

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