V05 High volume weather resistant hairspray
This isn't the best hairspray to use if you want a lot of hold but it's great to create volume and doesn't leave your hair sticky or dry. I just can't wait to use this up so I can try something different and maybe have a bit more hold.

Schwarzkof got2be beach matt mermaid look texturing salt spray
I think this is a great salt spray and you get so much! I've been using it everyday recently to give my natural hair a bit more sea sprayed looking. It's great for creating nice subtle natural waves. If you do use too much however then your hair gets really sticky.

Schwarzkof got2be guardian angel heat protection
I love this heat spray however during summer i've actually not really been using any heat on my hair but if I do this is a product I use. It also smells really nice and I've noticed a different in my hair since using it.

Garnier ultimate blends 7-1 dry shampoo with vanilla
I love this product and I actually have a review here. Since i've been using this I've noticed my hair has been getting greasy less and less and it also is great to give my hair a little more texture. Also i absolutely adore the vanilla smell.

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