It's not easy being a princess.
I believe that I purchased this from either amazon or Ebay but I can't seem to find it anymore. I love this phone case, I love what it says, I love the quality and i especially love Ariel. It's pretty protective apart from the top and bottom and it's a sturdy case that my phone is safe inside. 

Shit just got real.
My mum actually gave me this phone case for Christmas and I honestly squealed a little. I love unicorns they are my favourite mythological creatures and this phone case is just perfect. I know this was sold in urban outfitters. This case is amazing quality and sturdy.

Blue collage
I don't use this as much as I should but I think it's so busy and full that it looks great. It's tacky but I love it. It has cats, ice cream, horses, hearts, flowers and a unicorn. Something on there for everyone. I love love love the blue colour background. This has a nice soft velvet feel (I'm not a good explainer) it just feels soft.

Thought bubble
This phone case is from sigh again. ( I love this brand) and it just features quotes i think and say. It's like she wondered into my mind and this phone case is the result!. The quotes are on point and the phone case itself is amazing quality.

Fox pattern.
This phone case is one of the first ones I purchased and is from the brand Headcase and it is amazing quality. Foxes are my favourite animal and these little guys are the cutest. I think the yellow background and the tiny mushrooms compliment the foxes perfectly and just creates a cute overall case.

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