I love trying new products out when it comes to bath time. I love trying different smells and different textures, seeing if the product lives up to the claims. I also firmly believe that if you use a product for a certain amount of time, all the good things it does actually stop. I've had this with face washes and hair products. However there are certain products which I always come back to as I love them dearly and think that they are all worth their money. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser.
This is a newish purchase for me but I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon. The smell is amazing (who doesn't want to smell like cocoa) and it also leaves my skin feeling super smooth. For someone who is lazy and always forgets to moisturise and only remembers once clothes are on this is great. I also use this when in the bath as I just stand up and apply, sit down and rinse. 

TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner
My love for this is brand is never ending. I've used a whole range of their products but right now I am currently using the volume and lift shampoo and cleanse and replenish conditioner. I always come back to this brand after using another because they just make my hair feel like hairdresser new!. They are also the only shampoo and conditioner which actually doesn't make my hair greasy after using it again and again. Depending how much you wash your hair a bottle like the one in the picture can last a good month or two (maybe even three) before you need to re-buy. 

Imperial Leather Foam-burst
This is the best shower gel / body wash which I have come across so far. It blows all others away. You only need a little smidge of the stuff to cover your whole body which means this lasts a good while before it runs out. You can also use them to shave your legs and pits! the stuff lathers great and I swear by this for doing my legs. My bathroom at home is filled with these bottles as it's the only shower wash we actually buy now!.

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