A little while back I got an email telling me about a massive sale so I naturally had to look around and ended up picking these three gorgeous jewellery items. Firstly the packaging is beautiful the two ring boxes are a suede material and I love the pink colour!. The box which has the necklace inside is also beautiful, who knew I would fall head over heels for a box. Lastly the packaging which they came in has this gun design on one side which is unique, I know they change the packaging design quite a bit since I've had other with different designs. 

 So the first item I saw and wanted was the crescent moon ring, it's adjustable and was on sale for £5    which is a bargain! I love crescent moons and thought this would be a perfect ring to wear if I wanted a bit more of a statement. Next I found the ram's head ring which is also £5 and adjustable, I am in love with this ring, I don't think I would wear it all the time but I know it is bam in your face which I love. Lastly I picked up this beautiful Deathshead necklace which I think was on sale for £10-20, and oh my gosh it is beautiful! it has little black crescent moons on the wing and head along with a skull on the body and a little diamond thing on the head. I'm not a massive fan of gold but I am in love with this.

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