The day my mum and her boyfriend came back from a week in Whitby we decided to go out for a meal was my mothers birthday a few days before. We actually had to go to my mums work so she could pick up something and we saw this pub situated at the top of the hill. I din't bring my camera sadly so the pictures aren't the best.

The pub itself was so lovely, bright and spacious. It had lots of original features such as the wooden beams, stone walls and I'm pretty sure on the other side of the pub they had a wall which was made from glass bottles!. It had such a lovely atmosphere and had only recently opened up with the new owners. The owners milled around and had a good laugh or two and knew what they were doing with the food.

The food! oh my it was delicious. The menu was full but not overwhelming and all the dishes were named after famous people. I decided to go for the Mel Gibson which was steak with homemade chips, a salad and homemade peppercorn sauce. My steak was perfect and the sauce was nice and creamy without too much overwhelming flavour of peppercorn. The chips were incredible and you just can't really beat homemade chips.

After a small break we looked at the desserts and both me and my mum went for the banana and malteaser cake. I would have honestly taken the whole cake home if i could. The sponge base was light and tasted so nice. There was a layer of maltasers and banana underneath the lightest cream which was dusted with chocolate and melted in my mouth. The single cream just really finished it off. I want to go back to try more cakes now.

I hope we get to go back soon because it was amazing atmosphere and food which wasn't overpriced. The staff was lovely and one barman was so attractive (that is not what only swayed me to want to go back). They had a great selection of drinks and cocktails. If you live around or in the Rotherham area it is a great place to go.

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