My mum and step dad recently purchased a camper van so we decided to have a day trip out in Clumber Park. It is beautiful and so much to do and so many places to go. The grounds around the visitor facilities were just beautiful and so was the lake. 

Admittedly we did get lost twice but the sun was out and the scenery was amazing that it didn't even bother us. There was so many people on bikes and if we go back I would love to hire one (especially with a basket on the front). In the main grounds there was a used bookshop/cafe which I got too excited about and decided to take a look. The cafe looked great and the prices were decent for what they were offering and I'm a bit sad that we didn't try any cakes (we had some in the camper).

The bookshop part of the cafe was okay. There wasn't a lot of good gems as a lot were either really old and readers digest books or they were so tattered that they looked like they would fall apart. However I managed to pick up three books which I'm excited to read. The two paperbacks are ones I've never heard of but the blurbs sound really good and the hardback I got because I enjoyed Nick Hornby's book 'A long way down' so decided to see if I would like another. The prices were amazing. £1.50 for a hardback, £1.00 for paperback and they even had a bookcase full of books for 50p. I got all three books for £3.50 which is just great. 

I'd love to come back soon to Clumber Park and explore more because there is just so much to see that a day doesn't really cover it. 

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