When I first used this product my first thought was 'wow this is good'. The day after using and looking into a mirror my thought was 'wow where has this been in my life'. This product will be a repurchase for sure. Technically this lovely product isn't even mine, i stole it from my mum. I stumbled upon this because I had run out of cotton pads to remove my makeup and thought this would help and boy oh boy does it.

I was a little hesitant to use it at first because I have oily skin and this is an oil but no fears now, i would happily suggest this product to those of oily skin like myself. The other plus side of this is that it literally has cleared my skin up of my little spotty friends. Seriously. I had one spot on my chin that didn't look like it was going to go anytime soon, used this once and bam! it has practically gone!. What a lifesaver. 

You only need a tiny bit to rub into your face where it turns to oil and after a little rub in you take warm or cold water and it turns it into a milky substance which you then rinse off. It's left my skin feeling so soft and so clean. 

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