I recently picked up a Filofax to become more organised and I decided to pick up a Dodo Acad - Pad for everything university related as I feel this would be more beneficial for me. After purchasing my Filofax I was looking online and saw countless of beautiful decorated Filofaxes which made me realise that I wasn't good at remembering to write in diaries because they are usually visually boring plain paper. I decided that if I could spruce up my organisation with colour and stickers I will most likely stick to it.

So I decided to pick up a couple of things. First are wash tapes and oh my these are amazing, my new favourite thing to collect!. They are removable tapes which come in plenty of colours and designs which are so so so cute and is great for adding something to plain pages. I purchased mine from Waterstones, The Works and Wilkinsons and they ranged from £1-£3 which is great price. You can also find amazing ones on the likes of Ebay, Amazon and Etsy.

Next I picked up some sticky notes which are great for jotting down little reminders. I picked up the love heart pack from WHSmith and the little pack with three different designs from Wilkinsons. I just love the ones from Wilkinson's because if you have something you have to do that day you can stick it on the 'urgent' note. They are just so handy.

I also picked up a little Filofax envelope where I can keep receipts for that week, notes, business cards and some post it notes and cards. This will be useful to keep my Filofax organised.

Lastly I picked up a ton of stickers. Most of these came from Ryman and they are so cute! just to stick in your diary and spruce it up. The Hello Kitty ones are my favourite followed by the Finding Nemo ones. I also picked up some dots just to put next to something if it has to be done, if it's urgent, if I need to move it.

The great thing is that if you don't want to splurge on a Filofax and have a diary or notebook then you can spruce those up too with everything mentioned. It's great just to put your own touch and personality into something which you have to use everyday.

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