Today I decided to talk to you about dry shampoo, now I have tried dry shampoo before and I didn't like it. It didn't work and made my hair look even worse which I didn't think would happen. Since that I've been a bit skeptical of them and stayed clear away, wondering how other people got it to work (and being a bit jealous of the fact).

This isn't actually my purchase it is my mum's who loves trying new things out. One morning I decided i was just too lazy to wash my hair (also I'm trying to wash it less) and remembered my mum had this in her room and decided I wasn't losing out on anything by trying it. I'm so glad i did! Finally a dry shampoo that actually works on my hair.

This is the 'Garnier ultimate blends, the silky 7-in-1 dry shampoo with vanilla milk'. Firstly let me just say that the smell of this is amazing! I wouldn't mind vanilla milk as a room spray. It just smells so fresh and lovely. Secondly this is a great product overall, it does what it says it does which is great. So what are the 7 actions I hear you say? well here they are

. Instantly cleanses
. Absorbs grease at roots
. lightweight feel
. hair feels supple to the touch
. Hair is easy to detangle
. Blissful fragrance
. Leaves no visible residue

This product has converted me into a dry shampoo lover! For someone who has paranoia about my hair for this to actually satisfy me is a great achievement. My hair does not feel and look greasy at all, when I brushed my hair it did take less time for the knots to come out and a few hours later my hair still smells lovely. I am thinking of even purchasing this for myself I loved it that much!

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