Hello, I decided to do an Q+A so that people could get to know more things about me. I asked on Instagram and Twitter and got some questions (which surprised me). Hope you enjoy.

Style Storms asked 'What is your favourite kind of posts to write?'

I love to write Favourite posts, I love talking about why I like them and it's also fun to look back and see how your opinions have changed on an item that used to be your favourite. I also love writing Haul posts, I'm super nosey and they are my favourite to write and read.

Washiswap asked 'What influenced and motivated you to start the Filofax hobby?'

What influenced me to start is the creativity of other people mainly. I don't actually know how I even stumbled on the Filofax world (I'm glad I did) but seeing everyones love, ideas, amazing handwriting and other things it just drove me to like it even more. They make planning look amazing and fun to do which always motivates me to carry on with something. What motivated me is my lack of organisation skills. I have them but they can be so much better and since I'll be starting my last year of university I thought it would be a good time to start. 

Itsjemmac asked 'Favourite beauty items?'

I have a few! (who doesn't) but my No7 Beautifully Matte foundation must be my all time favourite. I have used it for around 2 years (maybe) and always go back to it. A bottle lasts me a good while and I believe it is well worth the money. Another favourite would be the much loved Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I try others but this is always the one I come back too. Lastly would be the M.A.C paint pot in 'painterly' which is amazing! Ever since I've been using this my eyeshadow has lasted mostly all day and is still there when I need to take it off.

ffscharlie asked 'Top 10 books to read over summer'

I don't know if this means ones I want to read or what I think people should read so I'm going to take it as the first one and also with books I have but not read.  so in no order:

  1. Finish A Storm Of Swords Part 1. - George R.R. Martin
  2. Lee Mack's Autobiography
  3. The Shining - Stephen King
  4. Wither - Lauren DeSteafano
  5. Burial Rites - Hannah Kent
  6. Start A Storm Of Swords Part 2. - George R.R. Martin
  7. Far From You - Tess Sharpe
  8. The Hobbit - J.R.R Tolkien
  9. Wake - Amanda Hocking
  10. Scarlet - Marissa Meyer
Whimsycate asked ' Favourite 5 blog posts and why?' & Top 5 photography tools?.'

Does this mean ones that I have written? or in general? 
If it means ones that I have written then maybe: 

  1. May Favourites: Because I just loved everything and it was also when I could finally take more time with taking photos and writing as I had finished all exams.
  2. Month Of May: Because it will remind me of everything that happened. I turned 20, I had my exams and I finished the year by going to final fling with my best friend and had the best time ever.
  3. A Day In Nature: Because I love taking photos of nature and they were all taken by my amazing point and shoot camera. The quality is more then I dreamed it would be.
  4. Liebster Award: Because it was a sweet surprise when I got nominated. It just makes blogging worth it when you realise there is people out there who like what you do.
  5. All About Cassie: Because she is a massive part of my life and it's nice to share her with my internet life.
My top 5 photography tools would be:
  1. Have good lighting either natural which is the best or lamps. Lamps however can make things look orange toned so I try and take all my pictures either on my cameras or my phone in natural lighting. I take a bunch of photos in different places and angles and positions to try and get the best effect.
  2. Have a background which doesn't clash with the thing you want to show. I try and use a wooden floor as this looks really nice but I also play around with different backgrounds such as the photo for my dry shampoo post, the background is actually a kimono. White paper, flooring, bedding, tables. Play around with the product on different backgrounds and see how it looks. 
  3. Pic Monkey is the website I use to edit my photos. If I follow my first two tips then I hardly have to edit at all. Sometimes I don't as I think it would ruin the image. I love Pic Monkey as it has a range of different things for everyone. When I used to put my blog titles on a picture this would also be done on here. I've even used it for getting my tattoo fonts and for university. It's so simple to use and my advice would be just to get an image and play around. I also use it for the collage element as well.
I actually have any other tools because those three steps are all I really do. I play around with my camera settings a fair bit to try new things. However recently I've been liking the images I've been producing so have kept the routine the same. I also think that you don't need a massive expensive camera to take great photos. Nearly all (about 3% aren't) of my photos on instagram are taken by the instagram camera and then I only slightly edit. Just take your time getting the focus and lighting right and then take loads to pick from.

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