About a month ago, maybe a little less then that I ordered some pilot pens from China which seemed to be the best for filofaxing. I'll also be using them for writing in general. They were slightly expensive (maybe around £20) however just three of these pens over here in the UK are about £5-8.99. Also you can only get blue, red, green and black whereas I now have 24 wonderful colours to pick and choose from.

These pens are great because they are erasable which means if you make a mistake you just need to erase it and it's gone. So simple, so easy, so great. Depending on how heavy you write the more noticeable it will be, however you don't need to be heavy handed as the ink just flows. These pens are so damn comfy to hold and write with. All the colours work well and come out pigmented which is great. My favourites would be all the blue shades and the pastel pink. I am in love and am now wanting to write anything and everything just so I can use them.

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