I love using palettes when creating looks as they have shades which all compliment each other so   you can't really go wrong. However what I do is use one palette at a time (long time) and somehow forget about all the other palettes until I think 'oh maybe I should use another one today!'. Above are all the ones that I use the most and love. As you can see I love shades which are nearly all the same. Browns are my go to fail safe colours but I'm hoping to expand with colours.

Obviously the much loved Naked palettes by Urban Decay would be featured. I love these so much, the pigmentation is wonderful, the shades are beautiful and they compliment any skin and eye colour. I have all three of them but my all time favourite would have to be Naked 2 which was my first ever one. I've nearly finished one shade in it and that makes me really upset. 

Next we have the MUA Luxe which has beautiful packaging. I just love studs and makes it more glam then the plain black packaging. The shades are great and I really need to use it more then I normally do. Lastly is my customised M.A.C palette which I am in love with. All these shades compliment my eyes and create such a beautiful matte brown eye look perfect for everyday. 

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