I sometimes go to sleep without taking my makeup off.
I know, I know it's a bad thing to do but sometimes there are days and nights when I have to make a serious effort in even holding something so going through my whole skincare routine is not an option. I was so guilty of this when I stayed at my now exes house, as we went to bed in the early morning (how did I cope) I just didn't take it off. Mind you my face has paid it's price so going off my routine is not an option now.

I touch my face. A lot.
I don't mean to actually do this, it's just a habit I've had since before my makeup days. I just find myself scratching my face, rubbing my face and then I wonder why my makeup looks a mess after a few hours. I also seem to touch my face when it's a hot day to see if i'm oily which obviously is the worst idea ever.

I bite my lips all the time.
I bite them when i'm nervous, when I feel dry skin on them, sometimes I just find myself biting them. I then go and complain to my mum that my lips are sore or that they don't look nice with lipstick on. Only myself to blame.

I also bite my fingernails.
I have done this as long as I remember and I can go months where I don't but something always makes me bite them. I do this when I'm nervous, bored, if I can feel a little bit coming away and also when i've painted them. I've tried near enough everything but nothing has stopped me so far.

I don't wash my makeup brushes as much as I should
I don't really know when I should be washing my brushes. Is there any rules? I know I don't do it often because when I do, there is a lot of product that comes out. It's not majorly bad since I don't use my brushes for more then one thing and I also wipe them occasionally. I don't even use them on other people. I applaud those who actually wash their brushes when they should all the time.

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