M.A.C Paint Pot in 'Painterly'
This is amazing, I am in love and i've used it everyday and there is hardly a dint made which is great. This is great to prime the eyes and my eyeshadow lasts a lot longer when this is applied. This also looks good on its own when you want a minimal look.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser
I have nearly finished this! I love it so much. It moisturises my face and has been keeping my oiliness at bay which is even better.  

The Body Shop Insta Blur
I bought this only a couple of weeks ago but it has become a staple! it smells amazing, makes my skin feel super smooth and reduces redness and pores which is amazing. It also lasts a good time and i've found that I have been using less foundation when using this product. I just love what it does.

I have been obsessed with this movie throughout June and catch myself singing the songs throughout the day. I actually have the songs on my musical spotify playlist!. I love the actors and it's just a great fun movie to watch and dance and sing along to!.

Portable Charger
This has been a god send when out and about. It lasts a good time and charges my phone super fast. It also comes with different charger heads so it's perfect for any device. Also how cute is my case for it. It is supposed to be a phone case but it fits the charger and a lead in perfectly. 

Paul Mitchell Express Day Dry Wash
I've tried dry shampoo countless of times and they have never worked for my hair. However this little beauty was in a gift bag and I decided to try it out. I love it, It instantly refreshes my hair and also creates great volume. I also really love the smell and will be sad when it finishes but it is going to be a product I will purchase myself.

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