I mentioned to my mum once about wanting a instax mini 8 after seeing posts on instagram, blogger and also because of the urban outfitters website. I mentioned to my mum I would like one and was waiting to save up. I would like to say she got me this as a gift for doing well at uni among other things which are personal and I also did try and give her money but she was having none of it!

The day after I received a text while she was at work asking me loads of questions. 'what was the camera called', 'what colours did they have and did I like' among others. After a while she became quiet and I thought nothing of it until she came into my room with a bag and inside? well inside was this beauty.

Admittedly white was my second to last choice where blue was my first but I am head over heels in love. Even more so when my mum had ran shop to shop on her lunch break to find a good deal (also trying to set me up with a man in the process who apparently seemed interested in me). My mum found an amazing deal in Jessops where the camera came with 40 shots! which is 4 packs of film and cost just £79. Especially considering in Urban Outfitters just the camera itself is £90.

Film can be so expensive and the cheapest I've found is £6.99 on eBay or amazon. The style of film you can buy is great from rainbow, Dalmatians, spots, kawaii, hello kitty etc. I am in love and want to take pictures of anything and everything but I am stopping myself as I don't want to take pictures of just random crap.

I just love the surprise of what the photo will come out looking like. I love how old fashioned they look and the best thing is you can't edit or retake the picture. It's just an in the moment photo and I love that and reminds me of getting them developed in the shop which I would love to do more.

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