I have to confess I'm not fond of John Green as much as other people. I bought looking for Alaska and the fault in our stars before they got huge and I liked them but I don't personally get the whole hype. I also have some least popular and rubbish ones such as 'an abundance of Katherines which was poop. After that I didn't really have an interest but my friend got me paper towns and I actually was interested in reading it and it certainly got me out of this massive book slump I was in and actually wrote a post about which is here.

I did overall enjoy this book and it made me smile and laugh a little as there was actually some funny moments especially near the end in the minivan. What I did not like was the character Margo. She irritated me and I felt myself roll my eyes whenever she spoke or was even mentioned especially when she acted like a little brat at the end. No need. No need. Quentin was just like any other male character John Green writes about and he honestly came off so needy for someone who didn't even give two hoots about him basically. His friends were okay but there wasn't much character building and they were just there because they had to be, I don't think they bought much into it. 

The ending was such a 'meh' point to me. All this building up for such a rubbish ending was something that I should have predicted. Also why does John Green make his characters who are teenagers speak in a way that not even adults speak! Come on if you want it to be realistic then just talk normal!. I don't know many teenagers that always quote poems and classics from the top of their heads. Maybe there is people like that out there but I have not met a single one. I just found it tiresome when a character would spout a whole load of drivel which was from a book and that somehow fitted the conversation perfectly? just not my thing. 

However like I mentioned it did lift me out my slump and I did enjoy it
on the whole but maybe not as much as other books I've read. I'd give this book a 3/5 stars for the comedy moments that it had.

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