Since I finished university I have way more time to read. This is good since my to be read pile is nearly bigger then my bookshelf, no joke. Today I thought I would show you the books which I'm really excited to get stuck into and devour.

Mack the life - Lee Mack
I love Lee Mack, I think he is a great comedian and enjoy everything he stars in especially his show 'not going out'. I've been wanting this book for a good while now and stumbled upon it in Tesco for £1 a while back. I could not leave it behind. I am not a massive autobiography lover but there is something about comedians which makes me enjoy it and as a bonus you always see funny childhood pictures. 

The Hobbit - J.R.R Tolkien
Okay, okay, shoot me, I haven't read the book (Or watched the films) but I get points for starting it now right?.  I'll be truthful that the reason I didn't pick it up earlier is that I am a massive book cover snob and none caught my fancy till I saw this one so I snatched it up. Though for my birthday my mum gave me a beautiful cloth bound illustrated version which is too pretty for words.

Paper Towns - John Green
I received this from my friend for my birthday and I'm excited. I'm not a massive John Green lover but I have read the majority. This sounds like a good read and I know it will be emotional. Hopefully. Also how pretty is the cover! 

The Shining  - Stephen King
I read my first Stephen King novel a few months back and can find a review here. I devoured that in pretty much a day and found myself wanting more. I can see why he's an amazing writer! I picked up this book in a deal and I'm so excited to start it! I should go and watch the movie as well because everyone loves that!.

The devotion of suspect X - Keigo Higashino
The cover caught my eye first and then the blurb. It sounds pretty amazing and the fact that it claims to be a 'Japanese thriller phenomenon' which makes it even better!. Also does anyone else think the red circle is a sticker? because I do and keep trying to pick it off. A fail on my part.

Have you read any of these? which book would you recommend?

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