The month of May was a busy month full of revision, stress and celebrations. I was lucky enough to only have two exams yet they are the worst subjects to revise for but fingers crossed I've passed, I feel like i have done well. Not going to lie a few tears and stressful moments may have occurred but now I am finally free to enjoy my summer.

In the month of May I celebrated my 20th birthday. Goodbye teenage years and hello adult years. It's weird to think I'm now classed as an adult. I certainly don't act or feel different and will always be a five-year old at heart. I'm looking forward to being an adult in many ways yet also I'm sad that my childhood is officially over. I also celebrated the end of year at final fling. It was amazing since we won the final fling competition and MTV came to host, with the like of Tim Westwood, DJ Fresh and others. I had such a great time and maybe got a smudge too drunk (Pink Lucozade cocktails) but that's fine!.

Me and my housemate/best friend also went on loads of lovely trips at the beginning. We went to Newcastle and spent loads of loan and Whitby as it was such a lovely day and we got fish and chips and climbed the 199 steps. We went to the local park / petting zoo and saw llamas and deer's. Also a trip to the cinemas was on the cards to see 'Bad neighbours', it was so funny and I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

All in all the month of May was great! now to see what June will bring!.

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